Saturday, November 29, 2008

Marushka today: Dog people?

Earlier, I have speculated about whether the makers of Marushka were cat people, given that more cats than dogs have been memorialized in Marushka prints.

As it turns out, today's Marushka seems to be governed by dog people.

Case in point:

1. You can buy one of two dog print in the new generation Marooshka line:
Marooshka - bad dog print

Marooshka - beach dogs

(though I should note that you can also find a cat print in three colorways in the new collection.)

2. The headquarters of Michigan Rag recently made the news for Cabo, the resident chihuahua at the storefront (article here).

Marooshka dog

Michigan Rag Company started in 1985, an clothing line that grew out of the original Marushka business. The company phased out Marushka prints in 1988 or so, but has gone back to releasing some new lines in the past few years (more about the new prints here). The Michigan Rag Company continues to screenprint clothing items - you can see some of the prints on the company's website. And they maintain a storefront on Washington Street in Grand Haven, Michigan. The photo above is of current owner Randy Smith (son of Marushka co-creator Pixie Gifford), with shop dog/mascot Cabo, who has been at the shop to greet customers and entertain employees for the past three years. So perhaps more dog prints for Marushka?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

fall Marushkas

now that it is fall, I thought I should feature some Marushka trees. most of the examples are bare branched, well suited for a season of falling leaves.

A path in the woods:
Marushka - trees (brown on linen)

A simple view of trees:
Marushka - trees (brown on cream)

A row of trees in shades of brown:
Marushka - trees (beige and brown and tan)

Trees and a setting sun - a vintage feel here:
Marushka - trees at sunset (brown, red)

One of my favorites - birch trees with their reflection in water:
Marushka - reflection of birch trees

Originally uploaded by Buhnuh

A grove of trees:
Marushka: trees (black)

One grand tree:
Marushka - large tree silhouette (brown)

A Marushka with green leaves:
Marushka - large tree (green, blue, white)

And some leaves for fall:
Marushka - four orange leaves and one brown leaf

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My favorite Marushka

Hello to any new visitors arriving from Apartment Therapy!

I have not yet posted pictures of my very favorite Marushka. This one:
Marushka - row of Victorian houses and trees (blue)

I have seen it in black ink and brown ink as well. I love the detail on the houses against the monolithic style trees.

It appears popular among others as well, and has had the highest closing prices on Marushkas that I have seen on ebay.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

shades of Marushka - pinks and purple

only a very few examples of Marushka in the hues of pink and purple...

a lighthouse in a striking combination of pink, red, and gray:
Marushka - lighthouse (square, pink, red, white, gray)

pink and red tulips:
Marushka - bouquet of tulips and lilies (pink, red, green)

a row of pink and purple tulips:
Marushka - pink and white tulips

a baby pink dragon (bizarre):
Marushka - dragons

a contemplative pink pig:
Marushka: pig (yellow)

a pink elephant, via bennr:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

shades of Marushka - the color blue

given the popularity of beach and aquatic themes in the Marushka library, there are plenty of great examples of Marushkas in blue...

Marushka - sailboat on tan, blue, and navy stripe background

Marushka: ships (blue)

Marushka - brown and white spiral shell on blue

Marushka - blue and white shell on tan

Marushka - three shells (blue)

the seashore...
Marushka - beach and house (blue and tan)

from WJEN Radio Station:

Marushka: grass at sunset (blue)

plus some other non-beach blues...
Marushka - hot air balloons (red, orange, and gree on navy blue background)

Marushka - tulip row (blue)

Marushka - rocking horse (blue and red)

Friday, September 5, 2008

shades of Marushka - green

next color of Marushkas to feature - green!

most of the green designs I have seen feature a very vibrant bright green - I love this shade. and unlike yellow, a wider array of Marushkas in green to feature.

some butterflies...
Marushka - butterflies (white on green)

some plants...
Marushka - plants and flowers (green on tan)

a sand dollar...
Marushka - sand dollar (white on green)

a turtle...
Marushka - turtle (green on tan)

some penguins on a green background...
Marushka - penguins (green)

white Queen Anne's lace on green...
Marushka - Queen Anne's lace (green and white)

and green Queen Anne's lace on tan...
Marushka - Queen Anne's Lace (green)

a leafy plant...
Marushka - plant (green)

and a dragon...
Marushka - dragons

some grass...

start of roll: urbana
Originally uploaded by jmerrick

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

shades of Marushka: yellow

following earlier posts on Marushkas in red and orange, a highlight of some Marushkas in yellow hues. not many examples for this color though...

some lilies...
Marushka - two lilies (yellow)

another sort of yellow flower...
Marushka - flower (yellow)

a pig on the farm...
Marushka: pig (yellow)

some more Marushkas with flowers in yellow...

Originally uploaded by K. Mikey M.