Saturday, October 4, 2008

shades of Marushka - the color blue

given the popularity of beach and aquatic themes in the Marushka library, there are plenty of great examples of Marushkas in blue...

Marushka - sailboat on tan, blue, and navy stripe background

Marushka: ships (blue)

Marushka - brown and white spiral shell on blue

Marushka - blue and white shell on tan

Marushka - three shells (blue)

the seashore...
Marushka - beach and house (blue and tan)

from WJEN Radio Station:

Marushka: grass at sunset (blue)

plus some other non-beach blues...
Marushka - hot air balloons (red, orange, and gree on navy blue background)

Marushka - tulip row (blue)

Marushka - rocking horse (blue and red)


Jesse Parker said...

I have a Marushka painting from Hancock, MI

1 Sailboat on the water in brown and blue

Cherie Paul said...

Hello! I have a set of FOUR! beautiful sailing and bird prints in the bright navy blue color. How can I find out when they were made? Thanks, Cherie