Sunday, June 28, 2009

Harwood Steiger

While surfing the internet, I ran across an interesting artist whose style reminds me of Marushka: Harwood Steiger.

Steiger silkscreened designs on fabric, often using monochrome color schemes and nature inspiration much like Marushka. While Marushka prints often evoke the Michigan landscape as well as beach themes, Steiger's work often highlights aspects of southwestern wildlife and plant life.

Originally from New York City, Harwood Steiger moved to Arizona in the mid-1950s. Prior to the move, he was involved in painting and wallpaper design. He painted a WPA-era mural in Alabama, as well as a range of mostly landscape paintings.

Steiger opened his first silkscreening studio in 1956 in Tubac, Arizona, expanding the business several times. He printed fabrics through at least the 1970s in Arizona.

Steiger's prints were used in clothing like skirts and shirts, in fabric yardage, and in table linens.

You can find examples of Steiger's work for sale here, as well as on ebay and Etsy.