Saturday, January 31, 2009

advertising for Marushkas for sale at Pat's Place

Here are some newspaper advertisement for Pat's Place, retailer of Marushkas in the 1980s.

So Marushkas can "change your environment without hard labor or major expense"!
Marushka advertising - Pat's Place

Marushkas for the new bride?
Marushka advertising - Pat's Place

Marushkas for mom? (with an image of a nice spice jar Marushka on the side)
Marushka advertising - Pat's Place

Marushkas for your sweetheart?
Marushka advertising - Pat's Place

and a nice array of images of Marushkas:
Marushka advertising - Pat's Place

Pat's Place, Marushka retailer in the 1980s

Pat's Place - Marushka store

From the Marysville Globe in Washington, December 1982:

If you're looking for some unique and colorful prints to hang in your home or office, you'll want to check with Pat Hazel at Pat's Place. Hazel specializes in the complete Marushka line of hand screened fabric prints and other accessories. She remarked her store was the only one she knew of that has a complete line. "If it's not in stock, it's on order," Hazel said. Hazel began selling the prints at her Marysville store, located at 1309 State Ave., Nov. 15. She used to work for the state in Michigan. After her husband retired, they moved to the Pacific Northwest. She had never been in retail before and thought she never would. But she loves the Marushka line and enjoys working with the prints and meeting people, so she decided to open her own store...Standard sizes begin at 8x10 and run up to 24x36 and are priced between $9-25. The textile graphics run from 24x48 to 48x60 and can be purchased for $35 up to $60. Marushka also features trapunto, which are stuffed prints ranging from $18-50. Pat's Place also carries the Marushka line of mugs, aprons, and potholders. She plans to carry glassware in the near future and will carry a new line expected out after the first of the year featuring sewn products made out of prints. Also available are remnants of irregular prints which are unframed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

trapunto Marushkas

Trapunto is a technique used in quilting to create a raised or 3D shape. Basically, it involves sewing a second layer of fabric behind the first design, and then stitching through both layers and around the shape of an object. The underneath fabric is cut open, the space is stuffed with batting, and the hole is sewn closed, leaving a three dimensional raised shape visible from the front. Here's another discussion of how it is done.

Anyway, there are indeed trapunto examples of Marushkas.

Here's a frog example of a puffy Marushka:
Marushka - frog and dragonfly (green, tan, yellow, white)

A stuffed Marushka duck:
Marushka - mallard duck (browns, stuffed)