Sunday, August 31, 2008

today's Marushka(s) brought to you by the color orange

a shell on orange background...
Marushka - striped shell on orange

exotic flowers in orange...
Marushka - flowers (birds of paradise?) (orange)

orange grasses (not sure if this is authentic Marushka - looks a little off to me)
Marushka - grasses and plants (orange)

orange leaves and a vine (note the different version of the logo - an early version? a fake? don't know for sure)
Marushka - vine with leaves (orange)

sailboat with orange sail...
Marushka - large sailboat (orange, blue, and white)

Originally uploaded by blempgorf

Friday, August 29, 2008

Marushkas on the wall

Here's a picture of some lovely Marushkas on display, as seen in Phillip Maisel's home tour on
Apartment Therapy.

colors of Marushka: Marushkas with red flowers

Here are some Marushkas, all in red.

some poppies...
Marushka - poppy-like flowers (red)

some irises...
Marushka - iris-like flowers (red)

a geranium...
Marushka - geranium (red)

some tulips in the window...
Marushka - tulips in window (red and tan)

and some poinsettias...
Marushka: poinsettias

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marushka, how does your garden grow?

Western Michigan, home of Marushka, has not just nice Lake Michigan shoreline, but also plenty of farmland.

what grows in Marushka land?

Marushka - two carrots

Marushka - row of radishes

Marushka - watermelons by fence (red, green, white)

Marushka - strawberry (red)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Marushka of the day

Marushka Birds
Originally uploaded by hihlo studio

These Marushkas from Hihlo studio look great against the green wall.

Marushka triptychs

Sometimes one Marushka just isn't enough. some silkscreen prints just need more room...thus the Marushka triptych.

Marushka - beach triptych (blue, tan)

The ones I have seen have all had the same arrangement - one large center panel and two smaller panels flanking on each side.

Marushka - mountain triptych (brown, green, tan)

and I have only seen nature scenes in triptych form - never the wackier prints like pigs or balloons.

Marushka - lake triptych (brown, tan)

Amenity Home with some Marushka style

Panels from Amenity Home

It's been a while since Amenity Home introduced its botanical linen wall panels. But they definitely deserve mention on a blog about Marushka.

Panels from Amenity Home

They are having a sale on some of the stretched linen panels on their site right now - with some for only $30. I may need to buy one for myself!

Panels from Amenity Home