Wednesday, November 19, 2008

fall Marushkas

now that it is fall, I thought I should feature some Marushka trees. most of the examples are bare branched, well suited for a season of falling leaves.

A path in the woods:
Marushka - trees (brown on linen)

A simple view of trees:
Marushka - trees (brown on cream)

A row of trees in shades of brown:
Marushka - trees (beige and brown and tan)

Trees and a setting sun - a vintage feel here:
Marushka - trees at sunset (brown, red)

One of my favorites - birch trees with their reflection in water:
Marushka - reflection of birch trees

Originally uploaded by Buhnuh

A grove of trees:
Marushka: trees (black)

One grand tree:
Marushka - large tree silhouette (brown)

A Marushka with green leaves:
Marushka - large tree (green, blue, white)

And some leaves for fall:
Marushka - four orange leaves and one brown leaf

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Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

These trees are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!