Friday, March 28, 2008


While the heyday of Marushka is now decades past, you can still buy silkscreen prints under the Marushka name, though now spelled "Marooshka." the prints are similar in spirit to the originals, but interestingly they are easy to distinguish from the vintage prints even with similar themes of shells and plant silhouettes. The colors are a bit more modern and some of the designs are updated from the original style.

Marooshka Marooshka



It's not clear why Marooshka has a new spelling - though I've heard it might be due to trademark issues they are trying to resolve. From what I can tell, Marooshka prints are affiliated with the Michigan Rag Company, a silkscreen company that was a spin-off of the original Marushka.
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I recently purchases a original marushka and it was a great deal is it worth anything?