Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marushka Central

when I first became interested in Marushkas, I was surprised to see how little information was available about the prints online. the most informative information I came across via Google was in the comments someone posted to another Marushka fan's blog.

today though I ran across a great photo archive of Marushka - Marushka Central! The site has great photos of Marushka prints, as well as a section of Marushka imposters.

Marushka - parrots

The site also fills in on some of Marushka's history:
they started making these linen silk-screens in 1971. they stopped making them in 1988, and had begun making new designs in 2000 but alas, have been discontinued again!!
I had heard that Marushka was named after the wife of the creator, as Marushka is Polish for Mary. But according to Marushka Central,
as for the name mar├╝shka, it came from the suggestion of a polish butcher and was agreed on for the "artist's" name as an endearment for a little girl.

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