Thursday, November 12, 2009

vintage stretched fabric prints

This one is marked Tampella. A still life definitely reminiscent of Marushka style. Tampella is a fabric company from Finland that mostly produces large scale prints in the spirit of Marimekko. I think this probably is from the 1980s.

Another Tampella fabric stretched like a canvas, Markushka style. This is by artist Marjatta Seppalla.

Finally, an illegibly-signed flower printed canvas, also presumably vintage.


seanart7 said...

Hey, Really enjoyed your Marushka site. Where can I send in a picture of my Marushka?
Sean Lewis

Chelbell said...

You really like Marushka? I have a couple of prints from him and a few children sweaters from when my mom was younger. I guess that she used to know the guys daughter so they are originals. If your still really interested in them, I can send you pictures.